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5 ways to stay positive in a sea of negativity

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"Stock market plunges 400 points ... 1.5 million bank foreclosures threaten real estate recovery ... Earthquake and tsunami kill hundreds." Have you ever noticed that no matter how good or bad things are, some people always have a positive mindset while others are constantly negative? If you're finding that you're feeling helpless or out of control, a few simple steps may be all you need to break this negative pattern. The news cycle thrives on negativity. If you turn on the television, read news stories or listen to the radio, you're constantly bombarded with all that is wrong, not just locally, but globally. The result is that as you listen to the news or when you focus on what's going wrong rather than what's going right, you may fall victim to "vicarious trauma." "Vicarious trauma" occurs when people see or hear about events and become emotionally distraught even though the event does not affect them personally. We hear about a devastat...