Home addition raises plumbing concerns

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Q: My 1950s home was originally built with three bedrooms and one bathroom. Sixteen years ago I added another two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A couple of re-piping companies suggested I replace the drainage line in the old part of my home although they have not found any leakage. I am not sure if it is something I must do, or they just want to have the business. Please advise. --Sim Y. A: The issue is one of capacity more than leaks. When you add two bathrooms, you are increasing the amount of water and waste flow that the old sewer pipes have to handle. It could be that the companies you talked to feel that the original pipes are too small for that extra load, or they could have become partially clogged over the years. If you are showing any signs of slow-running drains or other problems associated with drainage from anywhere in the house, and you are able to determine that it is not an isolated problem such as a single clogged sink drain, then you would next want to check...