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5 tips for staging your home

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This real estate slump is a real drag, especially if you’re trying to sell your abode. So, stage your pad to beat out the competition and draw in more prospective buyers. Most buyers have a hard time looking past pink walls and green shag carpet, so do the legwork for them and present their "new home" on a silver platter.

If done smartly, the money spent staging will be made up tenfold in the house sale — and you keep all the hot accessories for yourself afterward (or unload them on Craigslist).

Here are some tips I used when staging my San Francisco condo. This unit sold within a month and a half for just below asking price. The exact same (unstaged) unit, located one floor down, never even got an offer. So there you have it.

Clear it all out

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I mean it, girlfriend, move every single thing out of your place. That goes for your beloved troll doll collection, leopard skin rug, and the couch your mom claims you were born on. As sentimental as these things might seem to you, buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in your space; seeing clothes in the closet, family photos and random tchotchkes prevents them from doing so. 

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After moving everything out, then place in only necessary furniture back, keeping in mind that you want the space to look BIG, CLEAN, SPACIOUS and UNCLUTTERED. This isn’t supposed to be a functional room. Nope. As I did in this living area, you can lose the TV, stereo, side tables and ottomans if it creates more room.