Valid mortgage price quotes do exist

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"How many lenders must I shop to be certain I receive a competitive price?" If you have access to valid price quotes, three is usually enough. If you don't have access to valid price quotes, you won't get a competitive price no matter how many lenders you solicit. Valid prices are prices that the lender would be willing to commit itself to at the time the price is quoted. Differences in valid prices posted by different lenders are small, which is why you don't have to shop many lenders. The reason is that 95 percent of all new mortgages today are either sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, or insured by FHA or VA, so that the federal government assumes virtually all of the risk. The residual risk to the originating lenders, that they might be required to buy back loans or, at an extreme, lose their right to originate, is small and does not result in large price differences between them. Some lenders are more efficient than others, but price differences from this s...