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3 alternatives to signpost fliers

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Let me start with my No. 1 pet peeve in real estate: a "for sale" sign in front of a house with no information other than the Realtor's phone number. Now, I have heard a LOT of reasons as to why this is a preferable practice. Mostly, I think, these justifications come from a very selfish place in the heart of the Realtor. Here are the two most oft-heard -- and hideous -- excuses: If you don't list a price, then people are forced to call you for more information. When they call you, voila! A lead! Not providing a price on a sign is a lead generation tool!Fliers are a waste of money. People just take them and throw them in the trash, so it is better not to provide one at all. A good salesperson knows that they must market their product in a way that benefits the consumer. That goes for not only HOW information is conveyed, but whether it answers the question, "What's in it for me?" Neither of the oft-heard excuses above helps the consumer. Forcing would-be buyers...