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Trulia details $900,000 patent settlement

CIVIX-DDI claims 26 licensing agreements for location-based search technology

Count Trulia Inc. among the ranks of real estate portal operators who have settled claims that they infringed on two patents covering a process that enables consumers to search for items of interest in specific geographic locations.Trulia says it's agreed to pay up to $900,000 to Alexandria, Va.-based CIVIX-DDI LLC to settle claims that it infringed on U.S. patents 6,385,622 and 6,415,291, which cover techniques for remotely accessing a selected group of items of interest from a database.CIVIX sued Trulia in July, but dropped the case two months later. In filing for an initial public offering Friday, Trulia revealed that it entered into a licensing agreement with CIVIX in September.The licensing agreement calls for Trulia to pay a minimum of $550,000 to CIVIX, plus $350,000 if the company is able to complete an initial public offering. So far, Trulia has paid CIVIX $450,000, the company said in its S-1 registration statement for a planned IPO.CIVIX has sued more than a dozen operat...