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How to buy a home like it’s a car

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Everyone who knows me knows how much I love cars. I told my roommates in college that I would be driving a '69 Camaro by the time I was 30 -- a really hot one with a great sound system. I bettered that. I married a man with classic cars. Besides the fact that he's my best friend, I must say, it was a great car decision. Why? I've got the best of both worlds. During the work week I drive a very conservative four-door sedan. And then, in my free time I do burn-outs in the '63 Impala. This is a very good compromise because if something goes wrong with my muscle car I must choose one of the three following options: call Husband, call Dad, call AAA. I don't even know where the oil pan is, and I don't care to find out. So, while driving clients around in a hunky piece of muscle sounds great, it isn't practical. Yeah, I still need the conservative sedan. There are great parallels to be made between buying cars and buying houses. Both are emotional purchases and extensions (let's be hones...