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Access Windows-only MLS apps on your Mac using virtualization

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In my last article, "5 reasons to make the leap to Mountain Lion," I noted that Apple's new operating system requires the latest version of Parallels (virtualization software), and my legacy edition of the software had to be upgraded. The cost of the software upgrade is $50. I received a great tip from Matthew Smith, broker associate at ZipRealty Inc., who read the article and recommended that I give VirtualBox a try. VirtualBox is a powerful open source virtualization application produced by Oracle. I was impressed with the performance of the app and decided to put it to the test against other virtualization software that I've used in the past. What is a virtualization and why should I care? Virtualization is a computer concept that has gained a lot of traction among IT (information technology) professionals working in the enterprise environment. It has also become popular with end users utilizing virtual machines. Virtual machines enable you to run an operating system...