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Is real estate consuming your life?

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Let me be perfectly honest with you: I haven't thought about real estate in weeks. Instead, my mind has been focused on home life because, by the time you read this, we will have welcomed a new little Braatz into the family. That is, if our new little girl cooperates and comes out on time. I expect her to be early. After all, I have stressed over and over to her the importance of being prompt and never, ever falling into the trap of procrastination. Like most expectant mothers, I have noticed myself becoming more and more restless as the days pass, with the phenomenon known as "nesting" taking over my every waking moment. I should be resting. Sleeping even! Instead, I find myself making endless lists of what MUST BE DONE immediately to make the house ready for Unborn. Things like, "Paint the wall. Buy a new duvet cover. Invest in a new rice cooker. Get a gas grill." I'm not sure how any of these things help prepare my home for our second child, but they seem absolu...