Consider tin ceilings for a classic look

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Q: I have been researching how to fix my horrible plaster ceilings and found a few solutions. My question relies on any or all knowledge you have regarding classic tin ceilings. Can you provide any answers to this? The American Tin Ceiling Co. seems to have some cool products for homeowners. Do you know of them? --Daniel M. A: I'm familiar with these products, and in my opinion they're quite good. They have a number of different sizes and pattern to choose from, along with all the necessary trim pieces and other items you might need to complete the installation. The most important thing to consider is that the panels need to be attached to something solid -- you can't install them directly over the old plaster. You can cover the old ceiling with plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), or even strips of one-by-two or one-by-three lumber. Whatever you do, remember that the plywood or wood furring needs to be as flat and even as possible, so that may entail shimming the wood o...