Real estate taco

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By MARC DAVISONBabies. Pets. Parents. Memories. These are the meat, rice, beans and cheese of almost every real estate commercial I've seen. Fixtures on the real estate advertising steam tray. Just toss in some stock imagery, switch the combinations, smother them in cheesy copy sauce and serve it up to America. Like a meal from Taco Bell, it goes right through those who consume it. Plop. Fresh ingredients The beauty of real Mexican food is its simplicity. Stop inside the cafes of Mercado San Juan de Dios in Guadalajara and you're guaranteed a fresh and unforgettable meal. More Rick Bayless and less "Yo quiero ..." I'd give anything to have that experience watching a real estate ad. We'll need fresh ingredients to make that happen. Not the canned stuff. Not the sentimental salsa of memories and dreams. No, that belongs in the basura. I'm thinking the fresh stuff should carry real estate's true flavor: that of a helping hand through a complicated process. One that helps pe...