Controlling excessive noise in ’55 and over’ housing

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Q: We have begun renting in a "55 and over" housing. The problem is the renters upstairs. They babysit their grandchildren five days a week -- a 4-year-old and a toddler, for 12 hours a day. The kids run and throw things on the hardwood floors, making a lot of noise. Is there anything we can do about it? --L. White. A: The situation you describe is hardly unique to those living in 55-and-over rental communities. In fact, the biggest tenant gripe, in close competition with landlords who don't do repairs, is annoying behavior from fellow tenants. Let's look at your issue first as if you were in a non-age-restricted environment. The landlord is legally required to provide you with a quiet and peaceful place to live -- to preserve your right to "quiet enjoyment." This means making the rental accessible and usable, and taking care of situations that interfere with your ability to reasonably use it. The latter part includes stopping noisy parties and interven...