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Agent rating sites rely on consumer ignorance, agent dollars

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Wasn't it just last year that agents were worried about being rated? Some felt threatened by it, but the common wisdom was that agents would be rated and consumers would benefit. The kerfuffle over ratings seems to have vanished. Even though there are some sites with agent ratings, none of them seem relevant or even useful for consumers. Occasionally I search for myself on the agent rating websites to see how I am rated. There is one site that is always in the top three when I do a Google search. I found my name on it, and I am identified as being with a brokerage that I left in 2006. If inaccurate information really is helpful to consumers, then consumers have it made, because there is plenty of inaccurate information on the Internet. Another agent rating site shows that I have sold three houses. Pretty pathetic, considering that I've been selling real estate for more than a decade. After reading the report with the low ratings, I decided I would never hire me. No matter how many...