3 homeowner rights that are often underutilized

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USA Today reports that about 132 million people showed up to vote in this year's election. As large as that number sounds, that maps to only 60 percent of registered voters. As I see it, everyone who voted (or tried to) did their civic duty, but I'm most humbled by our Floridian compatriots who had to wait in line for hours to cast their votes, and our East Coast neighbors who dialed in and otherwise took time out of their efforts to get back to normal post-Sandy life to make their voices heard. The fact is, it's all too easy in the course of everyday life to simply flake when it comes time to vote and exercise one's civic rights. People do it for many reasons, from feeling like their single voice is too small to have an impact or simply finding it too inconvenient to take the time out of their already-hectic schedules. Whether your ancestors came over on the Mayflower, a slave ship or via Ellis Island, though, they likely fought hard for your right to vote -- and that's g...