Know the heating requirements for attic bedrooms

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DEAR BARRY: The house we are buying has a walk-up attic that was converted into two additional bedrooms. Our concern is that no heat source has been provided in either of these rooms. Are these bedrooms legal if they don't have heat? --John DEAR JOHN: A direct heat source in the bedrooms is not required if ambient heat from adjoining rooms provides adequate warmth. In this case, it would depend on whether sufficient heat is able to rise through the stairwell. But dependence on heat convection has a disadvantage because bedroom doors would have to remain open throughout the night, precluding the option of privacy. One solution would be to use portable heaters in the bedrooms, but this could significantly increase your electric bills. Since code compliance is your main concern, you should ask the local building inspector to take a look at the home and advise you regarding applicable requirements for heating the attic bedrooms. DEAR BARRY: One month after we bought our home,...