3 attitude adjustments everyone should make now

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Book Review Title: "Get Your Shift Together: How to Think, Laugh, and Enjoy Your Way to Success in Business and in Life" Author: Steve Rizzo Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional, 2012; 224 pages; $25 A friend of mine has two remarkable little girls, ages 5 and 8, and they have very different personalities. The youngest is spritely, whimsical and exuberant. The oldest is brilliant, methodical and mightily capable. She taught me how to tie a square knot. She's wont to say things like, "Tara, I can row from this side of the bay to that one, in a boat the size of a bathtub. By myself." And she can. But she's young and well-parented, so she has not let her pragmatism dim the high priority she places on fun -- not in the least. In fact, she's somehow managed to find a perfect marriage between the two. After she pulled me out of some brooding moment with a silly story about a caper she pulled off with her schoolmates, she took the occasion of my laughter to...