Tenants unfairly blacklisted after foreclosure eviction

Rent it Right

Q: We rented a nice single-family home a few months ago, but were shocked to discover that the owner was in the midst of foreclosure. The bank now owns the house and threatens to evict us if we don’t move, even though our lease has several months left on it. Even if we win, we’ll have an eviction notation on our record. Is there anything we can do about this? –Harold and Jack

A: The bank is taking advantage of a fact of life in most places — landlords screen potential tenants, screening companies unearth eviction proceedings, and they report them without noting how the case turned out. When landlords see the line that says, "Eviction filed," they assume the worst — that this applicant is a bad apple who should be rejected. Some will admit that this is unfair, but without evidence, they just won’t take a chance.