Recourse for faulty water heater installation

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DEAR BARRY: We recently bought an old home that was just remodeled, including a new water heater. But since we moved in, the pilot light keeps going out. The contractor who did the remodel says he didn't install the water heater, but he should know who did. We called the manufacturer of the water heater who said the vent pipe should be installed straight up and not sideways through the wall. Nothing was said about this by our home inspector. He said the water heater is "satisfactory." Who is liable for the cost of repairs? --Virginia DEAR VIRGINIA: Some high-efficiency water heaters are designed to vent horizontally through a wall. Your home inspector may have thought this was one of those models, or he may just be inexperienced and not very qualified as an inspector. If the installation was done as part of the remodel, under the authority of the general contractor, then he should take responsibility for what was done under his watch. At the very least, he shou...