4 affordable improvements to make to your home now

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Samuel Johnson once wrote that "o be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition, the end to which every enterprise and labour tends." Unfortunately, over the generations, we have managed to figure out loads of ways to be very unhappy at and because of our homes, whether because we overextend ourselves on our mortgages, procrastinate on needed repairs or live in homes with features that are less than optimally functional for our lives. Now's a perfect time of year to create a plan for how you can tweak and hack your home to be a happier place. Here are a few inexpensive suggestions: 1. Paint like a scientist. Studies show that painting rooms colors that are consistent with their purpose actually makes a home's residents happier than they were before the paint job. Spending a weekend shifting to crisp and clean green bathrooms, soothing blue or cream bedrooms, and warm browns, golds, oranges and reds for dining and living areas turns out to be one of the ...