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Mobile opportunities in 2013 and beyond

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By JOEL BURSLEMNote: This is the second part of a series, The Breakaway Brokerage, intended to help brokers frame their digital strategies for 2013. Read Part 1.Let's start with the big picture. I could throw lots of stats at you, but you already get it. Mobile is huge. Bottom line? There is a massive paradigm shift underway as computing moves away from large desktop and notebook PCs to smaller, more portable, and always-on mobile devices.And real estate, just like every other online activity, is going to have to adjust.My hope is that with this post, we can begin to get clear on who the mobile consumer is and start to think through where the opportunities lie.The funnel Admittedly, it's a bit cliché. Although Brian says we all need to forget the funnel and watch the plumbing, I still think it's an appropriate mechanism for thinking about three different user profiles of the mobile consumer.1. Leaning back: The top Picture this:At the top of the funnel is the window shopper....