Are your clients’ real estate wishes feasible or fantasy?

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As a real estate agent, every client or family you work with has their own personal quirks, individual wishes and unique needs that must be met. That said, over the years you end up running into some of the same fact scenarios over and over again. One such set of scenarios is the frequent expression of various real estate fantasies, things you hear buyers and sellers say they wish would happen, year in and year out. These fantasties offer a window of insight into the way we think about our homes, finances, and decisions around real estate and our lives. Here are just a few that most agents encounter dozens of times during a career: 1. I wish I could pick THIS house up and put it in THAT location. Alright, clearly the buyers who say this are living in the land of the hypothetical. Generally, this is said by someone whose agent has shown them an awesome house in a less-than-awesome location and a less-than-awesome house in a great location -- both within price range. If you've ever utt...