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How to talk about IDX

Best solution will depend on platform, price and MLS

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Whenever agents and brokers gather to talk about tech stuff, the discussion often turns to Internet data exchange (IDX) listings solutions for websites. "What's the best IDX?" people ask. Or "What IDX should I use?" The result is usually a hodgepodge of craziness. Often the original asker of the question and anyone listening in end up being more confused than they were to begin with. Let's fix that. In just a few minutes you'll be a badass at figuring out what IDX solution to go with, and how to talk about IDX issues with other agents, brokers and vendors. Location, location, locationFirst, let everyone know your specific multiple listing service. I know this sounds crazy, but there are well over 500 different MLS organizations in the U.S.Even crazier: They all have different rules and standards both for what can be displayed, and how the data gets shoveled from the MLS to your website.The result of this situation is that not many IDX vendors cover every single m...