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Homebuyers don’t ask who’s got the best pizza

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The real estate market is a lot like it was a decade ago. Homes don't stay on the market for long.Most of us who work with buyers are spending some serious time looking for houses for them. Then we're trying to get them into the house to see it before someone else makes an offer on it. We're also working hard to find more sellers as the inventory of homes continues to plummet.The buyers that I work with rarely -- maybe never -- ask me about the local coffee shop. I occasionally get asked to recommend a pizza place. But by occasionally I mean once in the last decade. There are several things homebuyers want from me and my advice on where to have a beer isn't on the list.This isn't 2008. Buyers are in a hurry.One thing you often hear from industry leaders is that agents need to be neighborhood experts. Sure it's wonderful to know everything about an area. But it's essential to understand housing and the housing market. My clients want to know everything there is to know about the prope...