Move from chaos to ‘Life’s great I want more!’

Take a proactive approach to head off problems before they occur

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Real estate is not for the weak of heart. It’s a business where practitioners are constantly confronted with stress-provoking situations. The question is, to what degree do you allow the stresses, strains, and tribulations of the business to influence the other areas of your life? Byron Van Arsdale, a master certified coach and my partner at, has trained more than a thousand professional business coaches since 1996. When he first starts working with any coaching client, one of the first questions he asks is this: “Which one of these three descriptions best describes where you are at this moment? Are you in major chaos, minor chaos, or are you at the point where you’re saying, ‘Life is great and I want more!’ " Which one of those statements best describes you at this moment? Depending which one you select, the way that you approach your business and what you can achieve will vary dramatically. Major chaos Major chaos refers to those times ...