Who says brokers don’t have a clue?

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“Brokers don’t have a clue. ...” That’s the sentiment expressed in the comments in Brian’s post on the new home search app from Chase. The idea is that brokers don’t pay attention to where their listings are syndicated, even though they have plenty of tools to do just that, and then complain when they show up somewhere unexpected. I don’t buy it. That thinking just doesn’t sit well with me. See, we work with lots of really smart brokers here at 1000watt. People who work hard, day in, day out, to do right by their clients and their listings. People who get the Web. Smart people who make smart business decisions and who are conscious of all the trade-offs involved. So I was happy to hear from the folks at ListHub last week, who reached out to me to preview a new report (PDF link) that they are releasing today in conjunction with NAR’s Midyear conference. The findings, which were compiled from a survey of more than 200 broker-owners and principal broker...