New Google Maps paints richer portraits of neighborhoods

The new version also makes maps more customizable

A revamped version of Google Maps that Google recently introduced at its annual developer-focused tech conference equips the app with several new features that paint more colorful portraits of neighborhoods as well as larger geographic areas.

The revamp, unveiled at Google I/O 2013, switched Google Maps to vectorial maps. That will make zooming more seamless and enhance details.

The new version also features Earth View, a new functionality that offers the ability to view 3-D renderings of cities and other areas by integrating the 3-D experience from Google Earth into Google Maps.

The app’s latest iteration also makes maps more customized. It bakes information that it gleans from one’s Google Plus account into them (think restaurant reviews from friends) and it gives users the option to filter results by categories including cultural landmarks and food areas, Android Geeks reported.