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Giving out gift cards, throwing holiday parties and offering a free stay in your second home (if you have one) were among suggestions from readers
Jan 14
The average American worker still can't afford to buy a typical home in a large majority of US counties, though the situation is improving
Jan 2
Note security risks, unlikelihood of attracting serious buyers and their arguable obsolescence, readers suggested
Dec 31
Wealth manager's scathing critique of the asset class comes after Blackstone liquidated its position in the market
Dec 20
Domio signs multi-year leases with apartment owners and then rents their units out to short-term guests
Dec 18
NRT CEO Ryan Gorman was the only one of 68 agents and company representatives to show at New York State Senate hearing in the wake of the 'Newsday' fair housing investigation
Dec 13
Hometap is among a growing number of startups that provide an alternative to home equity lines of credit by letting homeowners sell stakes in their homes to investors
Dec 11
Cruising under the radar, Flyhomes has grown rapidly with variants on the iBuyer model
Dec 11