Teke's Stories
Redfin expands 1% listing fee to 18 new markets
New York City, LA and Houston among those to see the fee drop
Oct 2
Will digital middlemen become toll booths for real estate agents?
How the balance of power between the industry's old and new intermediaries could evolve
Oct 2
New home search tool uses bots to match your style
Tech creator claims to have sequenced the 'DNA' of home styles
Sep 28
Homes.com now features rentals from Apartment List
Partnership expected to drive more 'qualified' consumers to Apartment List's communities
Sep 26
Greg Hague's 'plan to save real estate' raises money -- and eyebrows
Self-proclaimed real estate 'maverick' parlays 'Stop Zillow' petition into fundraising campaign
Sep 22
Is Facebook the new Zillow for real estate ads?
Report shows agents appear to be prioritizing Facebook, LinkedIn over any single portal
Sep 21
Atlanta is now ground zero for iBuyer war
With OfferPad's entry, the city has become a battleground for three major high-tech investors
Sep 19
Brokerage claims Texas’s first bitcoin home purchase
Agent 'honestly couldn't have expected something so unique to go so smoothly'
Sep 19