Know your market’s hidden real estate dangers

Protect your clients from bees in walls, rats in attic

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Sooner or later in your real estate career, you're going to come face to face with an unwanted critter that may scare you (or your clients!) to death and that could even put your life (lives!) at risk. Today's column is a primer on what to do. Last week my husband had a dream that a snake bit him. When he told me about the dream, the first thing that came to mind was, "This is a warning." He laughed it off at that time, but I reiterated my concern. I have a snake phobia the size of Texas. That evening he went out to the garden to cut some fresh rosemary for a pizza he was making. Although he laughed about my initial concern, he did have the good sense to be careful. Hidden under the large mint and thyme bushes was a very large rattlesnake that was coiled up and ready to strike. What was odd was that it didn't rattle; it just stared back at my husband. When he called me over to the garden, I thought he was going to show me the new tomatoes he had just planted. When I saw what i...