‘Marathon Man’ and aerial banners offer branding you can’t ignore

#madREskillz: One agent paid an always-running Fort Lauderdale man to carry a sign promoting her

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Condopedia.com recently ensured that almost everyone at Vancouver's Celebration of Light would leave the popular fireworks show knowing its name. The new Wikipedia-style site, which is dedicated to aggregating data about buildings in a number of cities, promoted itself with an aerial banner ad. The lookie-here marketing stunt certainly paid off, according to Maggie Hawryluk, a spokesperson at Condopedia.com. "The fly-over attracted a great deal of attention -- as you’ll see from the overhead photos -- and even crashed the site momentarily," she said in an email. Meanwhile, Realtor Samantha DeBianchi recently executed another eyeball-grabbing marketing tactic, this one back down on earth. She paid a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., icon, the always-running "Marathon Man," to supplement his bizarre athletic get-up, which usually involves a coat, with a placard proclaiming her the "Best Realtor in Town." Accused during #madREskillz of giving real estate a bad name with the adve...