Use social to sell to overseas buyers

6 steps for implementing an international social media marketing strategy

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Social media lets you have a two-way conversation with prospects, anywhere in the world. The cross-border realities of today’s real estate market make that more important than ever. International buyers account for more and more transactions in the United States. For example, Chinese investors buy homes with a median price of $425,000 -- more than twice the $213,500 median house price. Just a little effort to communicate in their language, and via their channels, goes a long way. Gary Gold, executive vice president at Hilton & Hyland, told attendees at the recent Real Estate Connect conference that 90 percent of his clients are international. “It's really exciting to market to these people,” he said, “because it's actually quite easy.” Gold has had to change the way he works. “I have two little kids, and my wife and they are all in bed by 9 o'clock,” he explained. “From 9 to 12 I'm available and I correspond with people (overseas). If you can talk to...