New app shares listing notes, matching consumers with agents

Homing In crowdsources notes, photos of real estate properties

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Every prospective homebuyer has come across it: a listing with a single photo attached, sometimes of dubious quality. In a world where, at least at first, the amount and caliber of information available to consumers on a for-sale property is often determined by what the listing agent enters into the local multiple listing service, what if consumers could see notes and photos of a home from every agent and prospective buyer that has set foot on the property? Real estate startup and Inman Incubator enrollee Homing In has launched a free mobile application with the potential to do just that. The startup’s “open sharing platform” allows home shoppers and agents to share real estate photos and notes with each other as well as anyone else with the app. The app’s patent-pending technology also allows prospective buyers to find the nearest available real estate agent who has signed up with the app, and request a showing in real time. Homing In founders Todd Miller and Oana ...