Andrea's Stories
Thanks, Apple: Real estate apps just got a huge AR boost
Latest iOS operating system means a whole new (augmented) world
Sep 19
Another angry investor sues Zillow over co-marketing
Law firms circle the real estate giant, seeking damages for alleged federal securities law violations
Sep 18
Mic drop: MLSs heed broker wishes, announce merger deal
Northern Colorado and Denver-based MLSs ink agreement
Sep 18
Google exec gives MLS leaders a major reality check
'Information has no value,' Jaime Casap tells a room full of listing data gatekeepers
Sep 14
Real estate leaders declare 'the MLS moment' is here
Council of MLSs kicks off annual event saying 'we can make homebuying better'
Sep 14
The NYT gives brokers what they want: free, exclusive leads
'The Gray Lady' ends paid listing program amid turmoil between NYC brokerages and Zillow Group
Sep 12
Why MLSs should charge more, play nice and merge already
'MLS 2020 Agenda' report compiles challenges and solutions from key stakeholders
Sep 7
Ellie Mae snaps up Velocify for $128M
Offerings combo will provide 'personalized, high-tech and human-touch experience' for consumers, company says
Sep 1