Andrea's Stories

Charron is not retiring — he'll transition from his full-time position at Bright to a part-time role as a consultant
Jun 14
Panels covered listing data tech, brokerage business models and government regulations
Jun 13
Complaint alleges Zillow and Trulia apps violate Corus Realty Holdings’ 2001 patent — with features commonly used in listing search apps today
Jun 12
After winning $706M in a related case, the appraisal tech startup is going after a bigger target
Jun 7
Joshua Hunt, leader of the Colorado flat-free brokerage, was one of several panelists to discuss business challenges at the joint DOJ/FTC workshop on real estate competition
Jun 5
Sessions' no. 2 Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim hinted that the ban may be addressed at an upcoming real estate competition workshop
Jun 1
Seventy photographers have joined since the debut of its Verified MLS Photography Partner Program in January
Jun 1
The trade group’s board addressed photo copyright violations and adopted new ‘MLS of Choice’ measures for commercial exchanges
May 31