Email marketing should start conversations, not calls to action

Tips for treating your leads as friends instead of targets

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Spam, canned messages, and irrelevant or annoying email content are a source of aggravation for almost everyone. What can you do to market your listings and your business in a way that capitalizes on the strength of email while making sure that your recipients actually enjoy what you are sending? Calls to conversation, not calls to action What is the difference between a "call to action" and a "call to conversation"? According to Dan Stewart, the co-founder of Happy Grasshopper, a call to action focuses on capturing your contact information in exchange for a product, report or other service. In contrast, a "call to conversation" is a customized email that is personal, that treats the recipient as a friend rather than a target, and that provides the recipient with an interesting article, a timely news story or an engaging video. As Stewart puts it: "If salespeople would just stop for a moment and treat their leads and customers like friends, they'll deepen their relationship...