Ben Huh knows why laughter can be business’s best medicine

Insights from Cheezburger Network founder and CEO

As the founder and CEO of Cheezburger Network, Ben Huh presides over one of the largest humor networks in the world. Cheezburger has been credited with bringing Internet culture and memes to the mainstream -- while making a profit during one of the deepest recessions world's ever seen. Huh -- who's also a co-founder of Circa, a startup that's trying to redefine how we consume news -- credits the success of his company to the users and fans who create the content. His goal, and Cheezburger’s mission, is to make the world happy for five minutes a day. Hear what Huh has to say about "Why laughter can be business's best medicine." Ben Huh on "Why laughter can be business's best medicine" (2:56)....