The ultimate real estate career boost: giving back through acts of kindness

Acknowledging those who've helped you the most, along with those less fortunate, can be good for business

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This week we pause from our busy schedules to gather with family and friends to give thanks for what we have. What would your life be like if you could express this level of thanks everyday? When times are good it's easy for people to be generous with their gratitude. Yet, our most valuable lessons frequently result from facing adversity and challenge. Even though we often benefit a great deal from enduring a crisis, this is precisely the time we're least likely to express thanks for the lessons learned. An immediate question comes to mind: How much better would your life and business be if you could express thanks for the difficult clients, the trials and tribulations of the business, or even for the most horrible of life's lessons, such as divorce, illness and even death? If you expressed thanks during these times, could you more easily overcome life's other challenges and adversities? The following example from a past client illustrates the power of this approach: "I had...