Taking a stand on agent data

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Recently, I sent an email to a colleague asking about the brouhaha over agent ratings and he said, "Why don’t you write an article for your own news service and take a stand." He was right. Here is my stand: Agent data holed up in the multiple listing service should be displayed for consumers to review and analyze. Earlier this week, Keller Williams Realty took a stand, discouraging realtor.com from moving forward with its program to display agent data. I do not agree with the folks at KW, but I respect that the fast-moving company stood up and took a position. Now it is time for others to do the same -- big brokers, agents, vendors and franchises. Many individuals are expressing themselves on social media, which is fine, but we need to hear more from our industry leaders. Shame on me for not expressing myself earlier. At the end of the day, the surfacing of this data is inevitable. The power of technology -- and particularly the Internet -- to suck up and display e...