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Recommendation engine, transaction automation and rapidly evolving chatbots have already transformed how agents, buyer and sellers tackle the housing market, Brad Inman writes
Today 6:59 A.M.
Wear clean socks, avoid jerks, give more to your employees than they expect and learn how to stroll like the Italians — read on for these and 96 other shrewd pieces of advice for the new year
Dec 30
This month, Coldwell Banker CEO M. Ryan Gorman and Opendoor CEO Eric Wu relinquished their chief executive posts. Inman founder Brad Inman envisions a cold winter ahead
Dec 12
Never on the defensive for too long, Zillow's strategy, Brad Inman writes, is to secure its position as the leading listing service and digitize everything — as the rest of the industry sputters
Dec 9
Although the 300-page sales contract was daunting, Inman founder Brad Inman discovered that Paris offers a lot to love, and laws that protect its citizens
Dec 6
Today, conflicts of interest make top headline news daily and fuel the wrath of the DOJ and FTC. Greed is at the root of carelessly mixing business lines, which is why Brad Inman says separating ownership is often necessary to avoid conflicts
Nov 30
From 'real estate specialist' to 'transaction quarterback' and now 'client concierge,' new names for real estate agents come and go, Brad Inman writes. But seriously, do Realtors need a refresh?
Nov 21
Homelessness is not just a housing problem — it's a lack of compassion, Brad Inman writes. But a blueprint exists thanks to successful animal rescue efforts: Bring the homeless into our homes
Nov 14