Brad's Stories

The messy set of industry practices at the crux of this fight are long overdue for major reform — now is the time to make it happen
Sep 22
If you cut corners, fudge numbers or break the rules, expect to be busted. It will kill the deal or deflate your valuation. Don’t put your biz up for sale if there's rot in the basement
Sep 20
The question isn't where you want to live someday but what place, house or location from your past is deeply embedded in your bones?
Apr 28
Right now, the housing market has a slew of uninvited guests in one of the worst housing shortages in the history of America
Apr 16
76-year-old Bill Foley wins more deals than he loses, and more often than not, he turns his acquisitions into gold
Apr 12
How Compass’ IPO performs this week will tell us a lot about what the future holds
Mar 30
Of the 10 largest real estate firms, eight are now publicly traded. These companies represent 575,000 agents, almost 45% of all Realtors
Mar 9
Opinion is redeeming itself after sitting on the sidelines of the digital real estate wars. With soaring profits and booming traffic, now may be the time to sell
Mar 3