Brad's Stories
Pocket listing + dual agency = home sale horror story
Our purchase offer was a 45-day close at full price. What could possibly go wrong? Lots.
Jul 14
Get on the bus, or get hit by the bus
Candle companies were too busy trying to improve candles to create the lightbulb -- don't wait for innovation to pass you by
Jul 7
The Inman Files: House drama, Goldberg and low-tech iBuyers
This week's important (and amusing) news in real estate and beyond
Jun 30
Zillow mania: $1.7B value boost, 27K haters
Since the launch of Instant Offers 30 days ago, Zillow shareholders enjoyed a nearly 20 percent hike
Jun 23
Fast and furious: 10 attributes of a winning indie broker
Realize the value of like-minded brokerages at Indie Broker Summit in San Francisco August 7, 2017
Jun 21
From this moment on, nothing will be the same in real estate
Well-funded internet entrepreneurs are focused on homesellers with a powerful partner -- Wall Street
Jun 7
10 things you didn't know about real estate
Secret sources, white collar crimes, pop culture and ancient history -- this is the stuff you won't find in a press release
Jun 2
Brad Inman: Meet me in the Golden City?
Leave on Friday ready, eager and excited to face a new world
May 26