Brad's Stories

In 2 new books, the authors show how in the hands of careless leaders, tech investments can play tricks on you, upend grand claims and burn through capital with no meaningful results
Nov 13
A 33-year-old commercial real estate data company is scratching at the door of online residential real estate and could be on the scene by next year
Nov 2
This year, 4 of the largest real estate companies — Zillow, Compass, Redfin and Realogy — collectively raised a staggering $1.87B. For now, Keller Williams is on the outside looking in
Oct 26
On Tuesday, the US Justice Department accused Google of illegally protecting its monopoly over search and search advertising. It begs the question, are there real estate monopolies?
Oct 21
Zillow, Opendoor, Redfin and Compass are raising staggering sums of money to grow market share, build tools, recruit talent and reshape how real estate is bought and sold
Sep 22
My generation of men often have trouble ceding control and power, over even the smallest things — even baking a pizza. And we only sometimes grudgingly accept ideas from others that are better than ours
Aug 10
The industry's premier live digital event is back Aug. 4 for only $49.
Jul 22
During his opening remarks Tuesday at Connect Now, Brad Inman called for a new approach on the current strife real estate agents face and how the industry can make a difference
Jun 5