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Today 9:41 A.M.
At this time, many of us are more willing to be vulnerable — letting our guard down is actually helping us get through this
Mar 30
Inman's Facebook Coast to Coast community opened up their doors with intimate pictures of their home offices. Welcome to the new normal!
Mar 17
Inman's Facebook Coast to Coast community offered up memories of the housing crash 10 years ago and thoughts on how to survive another downturn. The response was incredible
Mar 13
Inman News became a completely virtual office operation 4 years ago. It was one of the best moves that we ever made for morale, productivity and recruiting
Mar 4
My attempt to coin some terminology, add structure and provide clarity to the plethora of new real estate businesses
Feb 10
Most of you do it with the same integrity, gusto, empathy and smarts that you did 10 years ago. That's why most people will need you long into the future.
Jan 1
As much as $2 billion. Does that make Gary Keller a billionaire?
Dec 27