Brad's Stories
Who is getting rich in real estate?
With billions of dollars up for grabs, you'd expect a better industry showing on the Forbes 400
Oct 18
Battling insurance: The dark side of disaster recovery
The bureaucratic anguish of negotiating with an adjuster can be as stressful as the catastrophe
Oct 13
The Inman Files: Ending 155 years of real estate scams
How digital authentication tools -- though invasive -- will prevent fraud before it happens
Oct 6
Playboy Mansion expected to go up in value
Following the news of Hugh Hefner's death, the iconic property could surpass recent $100M sale price
Sep 28
Trump tax reform offers mixed bag for real estate
Some good news and some bad, depending on the size of your biz.
Sep 27
The Inman Files: Don't wait for Opendoor to eat your lunch
What's a traditional broker to do?
Sep 27
The Inman Files: Zillow's two-front war
The onetime real-estate incumbent is feeling the pinch from Facebook and Nextdoor on one side, and Opendoor and Knock on the other
Sep 21
All-day open houses and reconsidering Chris Rock
Don’t be too quick to judge the Opendoor on-demand strategy
Sep 15