Brad's Stories
The Inman Files: Zillow's two-front war
The onetime real-estate incumbent is feeling the pinch from Facebook and Nextdoor on one side, and Opendoor and Knock on the other
Sep 21
All-day open houses and reconsidering Chris Rock
Don’t be too quick to judge the Opendoor on-demand strategy
Sep 15
The Real Estate Unlist: People and things I'm thankful for
An inspired ode to the industry
Sep 6
The Inman Files: Blow up Upstream
Why we should pull the plug on this expensive and risky effort
Aug 23
Can NAR and C21 reckon with ghosts of the past?
Goldberg inherits a haunted house while a legacy franchise attempts to ditch its tired brand
Aug 16
Bigger is better, just ask these 2 real estate billionaires
City slicker Howard Lorber and low-profile Bill Foley are making big plays and gobbling up high-profile brokerages
Aug 3
Homeselling's like a '60s skateboard: Ripe for change
The timing is just right for a gang of inventive tinkerers to change how real estate is sold
Jul 28
When the real estate vs. tech clash hit rock bottom
A low point for disrupters and legacy companies
Jul 24