Brad's Stories

Announced Thursday, the brand and logo refresh aims to 'reimagine the consumer experience at any point in the real estate transaction journey,' according to executives at an Investor Day event
May 12
Realtor optimism can be necessary for survival, Brad Inman writes. But collective giddy confidence is frequently a sign that something is amiss. The herd occasionally can be wrong
Mar 9
Despite a Texas judge's decision to uphold and extend a temporary restraining order, Brad Inman predicts Mark Willis will be the chief executive officer of eXp Realty by St. Patrick’s Day
Mar 2
Stock prices for a new wave of publicly traded real estate companies have declined dramatically, starting with Zillow's stumble. What went wrong and what does it mean for innovation? 
Feb 8
A week ago, Brad Inman called his Realtor with good news: With only a DocuSign signature standing in the way of an imminent sale, he was abruptly taking his LA home off the market
Feb 2
Tech advances in data, authentication, artificial intelligence and loan processing are making mortgage fulfillment easier. Why can't a simple iris scan make mortgage funding even quicker?
Jan 18
'When all the experts unanimously agree, it makes me nervous,' Inman Publisher Brad Inman writes. 'I'll never forget the careless chorus of experts pumping up the housing market in 2008.'
Jan 7
It could be a gold mine for the real estate industry, which excels at organizing new property marketplaces and closing complicated transactions
Jan 3