SouFun to display listings sourced from ListHub

ListHub: Partnership offers 'critical link' to large foreign investment market

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Listing syndicator ListHub will feed U.S. listings to the Chinese real estate portal SouFun in a deal that the Move Inc. subsidiary said will provide agents and brokers with access to a "critical link to one of the most significant sectors of the foreign investment market." SouFun, which means "house search" in Mandarin, claims to be China's fastest-growing listing portal, covering 336 cities in China and operating close to 100 offices that focus on local markets. The partnership between ListHub and SouFun "enables the Chinese buyer interested in expanding home investment opportunities outside the country to compete effectively in the U.S. marketplace," said Liu Jian, chief operating officer of SouFun, in a statement. ListHub said it expects SouFun to begin displaying the U.S. listings it will supply to the site sometime this month. To establish the partnership with SouFun, ListHub expanded its agreement with the international listing platform provider EdenHome to add Sou...