Real estate agents are outsmarting the listing portals’ ‘three-headed monster’: what to do immediately after signing a new listing

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Are you tired of having three other agents’ pictures displayed prominently next to your listing on another brokerage or listing portal, especially when your contact information is buried where almost no one can find it? While it’s difficult to slay the “three-headed monster," there are steps you can take to limit its destructiveness to your business. Many agents are frustrated by the fact that the best areas and placement on the various listing portals have already been purchased by savvy agents with way more budget than them. If you would like to obtain the best search engine results to send consumers to you rather than your competitors, here are five steps that you can take to outwit the three-headed monster. 1. Plan ahead Most real estate searches take place over the weekends. In fact, one study showed that if you list a house on Friday, on average it will: receive 19 percent more page views; be 12 percent more likely to sell in 90 days; and will sell for $500 more per ...