Asian investors still looking but in no hurry to buy

Australia, Singapore and the UK are top choices

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This article by OPP Connect editor Adrian Bishop was originally posted on OPP Connect. Asian property investors are still mainly looking to Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom, but most are in no hurry to buy, a new survey reveals. Despite that, most respondents to the 2014 semiannual Asia Property Market Sentiment survey, which centers on Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore, are more likely to purchase in the medium term, rather than the long term, suggested in the previous survey. “For overseas property, all countries surveyed are consistent with their top choices," says the report. "Most respondents are in no hurry to purchase when it comes to investing overseas, though they are more likely to purchase in the medium term, as compared to the long term in the previous survey. Those who find overseas property attractive are looking to purchase for investment, financial and/or migratory purposes." There is increasing interes...