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The fastest-growing property search portal you've never heard of
Focused on emerging nations, Lamudi has doubled its listings base in 6 months
Oct 22
Overseas property show expected to bring 30,000 visitors to Shanghai
160 overseas exhibitors from more than 40 countries expected at OPI
Jun 27
Hong Kong buyers use bitcoin to snap up 2 London homes
Cai-Capital says it's the first UK property broker to accept 'cryptocurrencies'
Jun 18
Eurozone rate cut could boost mortgage lending and give overseas investors more buying power
Weaker euro would benefit buyers paying in dollars, yen and renminbi
Jun 6
Juwai.com brings feng shui to website design
Bright, clean design employs no 'multimedia gimmicks'
Jun 5
International real estate agents could face 'onerous' anti-terrorism and money laundering regs
ICREA: Agents shouldn't have to do 'due diligence' on parties they don't represent
May 23
How to take the perfect real estate agent head-and-shoulders photo
Don’t pose with a phone in your ear, or with your dog, cat, horse or child
May 21
A nation of renters is changing its tune
Cheap mortgages and rising rents make buying more appealing in Germany
May 16