Why pricey camera gear doesn’t guarantee good listing photos

Broker Notebook

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There is this urban legend that if a real estate agent buys the right camera, all they have to do is point it at something and press a button, and the end result will be a professional-quality photograph. I almost always want a better camera, a shiny new lens and maybe a nicer lightweight tripod. It's easy to spend an entire commission check for selling a small condo -- and more -- on basic photography equipment. Did you know that it is possible to spend $1,000 on a tripod? That doesn’t include the "head" on which the camera is mounted. That will run another $200, $400 or more. The lens can be more expensive than the camera, and let's not forget the lights. Photographing the interiors of homes is one of the hardest jobs in photography. Things can go wrong using even the most expensive camera. Indoor lighting is never studio quality, and while there are often several types of light in a single room, there's rarely enough light. The bright light from windows can really mes...