The assault on your brand

Never let anyone tarnish your brand or entrust it to someone else to cultivate on their website

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Your brand and reputation is what separates you from others in your market. With that in mind, I have been scratching my head lately as some multiple listing services adopt technology that diminishes the brands of their broker and agent members by promoting the brands of private technology companies. I struggle with the thought process of companies that pour a disproportionate amount of precious marketing dollars into systems that suppress their own brands in the name of leads from companies with names or technology gimmicks that mean nothing to your brand. Zulu, snap, click, find -- you have to be kidding. Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s partner, recently talked about one of his key investing philosophies at an event the Wall Street Journal covered: "If you stay rational yourself, the stupidity of the world helps you," Munger said. Let’s focus on the word rational. It’s rational to want leads with great ROI. At the same time, it’s just as rational to build long-...