11 tech tools to boost agent productivity

Find out what mVerso, Animoto and Tout can do for your business

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How many apps do you have on your mobile devices that you actually use? What are the must-have Web tools that actually work and will simplify your business rather than complicating it? Rather than chasing the latest whiz-bang, mastering a few best-of-class tools is the smart route to success. What activities consume most of your time on a daily basis? Chances are it’s managing transactions, staying in contact with your clients and sphere of influence, prospecting for new business, and surfing the Web. The question is whether the tools you’re using are the best tools for the job at hand. I could use a screwdriver to pound in a nail, but it’s not as effective as a hammer. Below you’ll find some of the best “hammers” in the business. 1. Google Drive or online transaction management system? While there are plenty of digital signature platforms available, an important question you must answer is: How do you want to manage the transaction once you are under contract? ...