5 ways brokers are led astray on technology selection and strategy

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Having consulted in the real estate industry for over 10 years, I've seen many different approaches to technology selection and overall strategy. Here are the five biggest mistakes I've seen real estate brokerages make. Lack of research What I noticed first was that most companies did very little research when selecting technology. The research I am talking about is research with the people who will actually use the technology they choose: the agents and their customers. The typical scenario for choosing real estate software for a real estate company is to assign someone from their staff to lead the process. In many cases, especially for larger companies, the designated person works in IT in some capacity or some other staff position. In other words, they are not an actual user of the software. They may be smart, educated and capable in a million ways, but there is no substitution for having someone who is actually going to use a product to be involved in helping to define and...