Latest 3-D tech triggers vertigo

Starting price of an 'ArXperience' model is $100,000

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I have a mild fear of heights, so when I peered over the balcony of a luxury apartment located near the top of a high-rise in Miami, naturally I felt a bit dizzy. Except that it wasn’t natural at all. The apartment didn’t exist. Gonzalo Navarro, principal of ArX Solutions, demos an "ArXperience" that begins focused on a TV living inside the virtual 3-D model. I was staring over the edge of a virtual 3-D model produced by Miami-based ArX Solutions. It's the latest 3-D offering to hit the real estate market and may be the most realistic of its kind. While you can tour Matterport and Floored models online, you can only experience “ArXperience” offline. The reason why is that the ArXperience files are too large to load on the Internet, according to Gonzalo Navarro, principal of ArX Solutions. Viewers use a video game controller to stroll in and out of rooms. If there’s a prototype of the virtual reality goggles Oculus Rift handy, as there was when I toured...