How to build it

Inman Connect New York City, Jan. 27-30, 2015

Learn the New Luxury Playbook at Luxury Connect | October 18-19 at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Real Estate Connect New York City 2015 will offer an exciting new approach for getting smart about real estate. Industry leaders and innovators from around the globe will be telling their personal stories of how they built it. From building the next great brokerage brand to launching an industry-changing tech startup, and more. Entrepreneurs from across the industry will share their insights on the Connect center stage: How I used technology to build a lead machine to capture home sellers. How I built a world-class real estate media and portal company. How I built a new real estate franchise from nothing. How I built a $40 million Internet marketing company in a few years. How I built my real estate team. How I turned my success as an agent into a bigger enterprise. How I built a real estate app that instantly got 100,000 users. How I built my brokerage from an idea on a surfboard. How I built an international business. How I built a new title company from scratch...