Inside Madison Hildebrand’s world of social media

Malibu agent answers some questions about his runaway popularity

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Madison Hildebrand is the epitome of a social media all-star: He has a presence on the major social media outlet and works them beautifully. Hildebrand answered a few questions from Inman about the philosophies and realities of his virtual world. Age: 34 Years in real estate: nine Job title: founding partner of Partners Trust Location: Malibu, California Hours per week spent on social media: 14-20 Active social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, another Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Target demographic? By default, it's other Realtors, luxury brands and clientele, and the LGBT community. Average number of posts per day? Depends on the day and if I'm traveling. On average, one to five posts. Which social channels do you work the most? Twitter and Instagram. How many friends, likes, etc., do you have? Facebook (two accounts combined): 62,717 Twitter: 91,600 Instagram: 39,911 Do those numbers matter to you? Of course! Do you ever give it a break? When I'm sleeping ....