Real estate crowdfunder seeking to crowdfund itself

Crowdfunder campaign has already netted iFunding $800,000

Real estate crowdfunding startups have landed quite a bit of dough in funding rounds this year. Now iFunding, which lets well-heeled folks buy shares of residential and commercial properties, is going straight to the public for its latest raise. Put another way, the crowdfunder is, rather appropriately, crowdfunding itself, seeking to cobble together at least $1 million through a funding campaign that it's posted on the website Crowdfunder. Investors only have to pony up $10,000 to get in on the action. That's likely possible due to one of the primary benefits of crowdfunding: It makes it easier for companies to vacuum up cash from a large number of sources. More and more players are jumping into the real estate crowdfunding space, and investors are betting big on some of them. Fundrise -- which is one of the few real estate crowdfunders that makes some of its deals available to non-accredited investors -- nabbed $31 million in May, while RealtyMogul picked up $9...