Presales of easy-to-fly, $375 drone through the roof

'Ghost Drone' maker EHANG raises $10 million from investors

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Strong presales of the "Ghost Drone" -- a one-pound unmanned aircraft that can be mounted with a camera and easily controlled with a smartphone app -- have helped its maker land $10 million in funding. EHANG, which is preselling the Ghost Drone until Jan. 9 on its Indiegogo page, touts the aircraft as "the world's most intuitive personal drone" in a statement announcing its new funding. Promotional graphic posted on Ghost Drone's Indiegogo page.  Lightweight and capable of holding a camera, the Ghost Drone is the sort of unmanned aircraft that real estate agents have been using to capture aerial photos and video of listings, despite a cloud of legal uncertainty hanging over commercial drone operation. The Ghost Drone weighs 1.4 pounds without add-ons, comes preassembled and can be piloted from a smartphone app preprogrammed with hover, return and land commands. Pilots can also outfit the drone with a gimbal weighing half a pound that can hold a GoPro camera for captur...